Power Boat 2 Courses

We agreed at a recent committee that we will encourage members to qualify for Power Boat 2 (PB2) as minimum qualification for all safety box cox. PB2 is a RYA approved powerboat safety course which is recognised worldwide. In addition to developing your boat handling skills it enables you to hire motor boats at most RYA approved centres at home and abroad. It is a very useful qualification to hold.

Over the next few months we are arranging a number of PB2 courses at Halifax for club members only. We encourage everyone who is on the duty rota to apply. The courses run over two days which are generally a Saturday & Sunday. If there is a demand we are happy to organise midweek courses or Saturday only as well. The cost of the course is £35/ person (which is considerably less than most commercial courses which are well in excess of £100).

The first course is scheduled for the w/e of 22nd & 23rd June and we will advertise further course dates in due course.

Please can you let me (Steve D) know if you would like to apply for the PB2 course and also if you have any preferences for weekend, Saturday only or mid-week courses.