YPSS – May22

Another amazing day at the sailing club for Young People’s Saturday Sailing (YPSS). Gentle breezes and hot sun. We are getting very spoilt. 5 young people took to the water along with 6 adults . Some of our older young people (!!) are doing exam revision in readiness for GCSE’s and A Levels but I am sure they will be back after the exams. In total we had 10 boats out along with 8 Lightnings which were supposed to be sailing at Denholme Sailing club but due to a horrible lack of communication, at the last minute they diverted to us at Halifax. Denholme brought their own OD and safety crew and tea lady and we provided the safety boat. It was all very exciting. At one end of the pond our young people and parents were practising race starting and rounding marks and at the other, Lightnings were holding their open meeting. Hannah and Emma left early. They were going out on the town as it was Emma’s 18th birthday last Tuesday. Happy Birthday Emma. Thomas retired early due to a nice swim. Denis carried on sailing to the end and Isobel had her first lesson in a Topper. Even Phil, Denis’s Dad, had a go in a Topper. The Lightning people enjoyed their racing on our reservoir and we were thanked profusely by Denholme and the Lightning Sailors for saving the day. It was pleasure for us to help Denholme Sailing Club out. Perhaps we can arrange an inter club regatta with Denholme at a future date. See you all next week for a ‘normal’ Saturday afternoon’s sailing.
Happy Sailing, Sue Lamb

Wednesday Series – 16 May 2018

Sadly this week’s evening racing was depleted as a large number of the usual competitors had already spent the best part of the day at the Club installing a new emergency exit door and applying gloss paint. Liberally. As a result the full complement of officers on hand outnumbered the sailors preparing to sail but, undaunted, the fleet, consisting of Your Correspondent’s Supernova and Adam North’s Laser Radial, set out in a rather shifty (Did I spell that correctly?) NE breeze. The light conditions suited both helms, but as the race progressed the fleet split into 2 equal parts as Mike’s Supernova gradually opened up a gap that was enough to give him the victory.
Ashore work continued. Nathan was busy rebuilding his dinghy in readiness for the weekend, while there was a welcome but rare Wednesday sighting of the Red-Faced Tim Hartley. As a result the evening’s peace and quiet was shattered by a continual and persistent whining noise that, for a change, emanated not from his mouth but from the wide range of power tools with which he was attacking the launching trolley for the new RIB. Thanks, Tim, for your efforts.
Confronted by a large agglomeration of goose poo on the end of the pontoon Kevin Holmes rearranged the cat’s cradle of ropes before leaving, and as a further deterrent added some bunting to flutter in the wind. However I suspect that the offending Branta Canadensis will probably enjoy their toilet even more, and worry that word will spread of the delightful and attractively-decorated facilities available to them at Warley Moor.
Thanks also go to the race team of Bill Holms, Kevin Holmes and especially Peter McDonagh, whose après-sail rib-tickling tales in Catty kept all in stitches until, lights extinguished in the car park, we were forced to grope our way through the all-enveloping darkness back to our cars.
Mike Palmer

YPSS – May 12

The second session of the year for Young People’s Saturday Sailing and again we were blessed with warm sunshine and light winds. Not the usual raging gale we have come to expect. I shouldn’t speak too soon though. There were those who came up to the club on Saturday who were moaning about light winds. I have one thing to say about that ‘Be careful what you wish for’. We do not want a year like the last one when we were blown out more than once.
15 boats took to the water beating last week’s 13. We had 10 children and lots of adults enjoying the light winds. We welcomed back Emma and Hannah with Mum and Dad and Isabel with her dad. Harry and Charles sailed with their Dad.
Even though it was light winds we had plenty of capsizes ( I am not sure they were accidental). I think, but not sure that Harry and Emily both had a nice swim. I know that Tom in his Topper got very wet and Hannah with Isabel in the Topaz tested the water. The funniest moment was when Paul, Harry and Emily’s Dad, stopped at the end of the jetty, tied his boat up , stepped out of the boat and promptly disappeared under the water. Don’t worry Paul, you are not the first to do that and you will not be the last! I think we will all have some practice on how to approach a jetty.
Denis had his second lesson with Henry and we finally got Katie’s Optimist on the water. Charles was kind enough to sort the rigging out last week. After a faltering start Katie set off across the pond and did not return until the end of the session when she jumped out of the boat too soon. Katie also tested the water. The consensus of all the water testers is that it’s still freezing.
Many thanks to George and Phillip (Denis’s Dad) who did rescue and Stuart and Nicola who organised the refreshments at break time. See most of you next Saturday when it’s race day!! Oh and don’t forget Push the Boat out on Sunday. Look out for the next message about that.
Sue Lamb

Sunday Series – May 6th (Tour de Warley)

For those able to evade the rolling roadblocks, the day presented itself in glory with a gentle, if at times very shifty and unpredictable south easterly wind, rolling down the hill from the turbines.
Race 1 saw eleven dinghies on the start line, with almost a return to fleet racing: 4 Streakers lined up together with 3 Supernovas, 3 Lasers and a Contender for good measure. In the first of 3 clean and well-fought starts the fleet quickly opened up, although Richard Redman’s race was over swiftly following a mishap at No2, his racing done for the day. The “Scammonden Wind” in the middle of the pond was a feature all day, keeping all helms on their toes. Racing was close throughout. The lead group of Robin, Mike, Tim Holden and Kevin Holmes pulled clear and completed 3 laps against 2 by the rest, but Kevin’s Streaker pipped Tim (in an unfamiliar Supernova borrowed from Tony) to take 3rd, behind Robin (Laser) and Mike (Supernova).
With 2 new arrivals, 12 boats lined up for race 2, adding another Laser and a Sprint 15. There were 3 retirements, but the fleet again divided, the lead boats doing 3 laps on the lengthy course, with Kevin taking honours ahead of Robin and Tim.
The call of barbeques proved strong in R3, so only 7 boats set out for the final spin over a shorter course. At the end of the opening leg the wind died completely for a couple of minutes, unceremoniously dumping Henry in the deep directly in front of the clubhouse. At this point Robin called it quits and paddled off to retire, a mistake as it turned out, as it returned almost as soon as he reached the shore, eventually in the closing stages reaching “fun” levels. For a long while Steve Hill’s Streaker was in a very strong position before a tactical error dropped him back to take 4th place, behind Adam (Laser Radial), and Tim’s and Mike’s Supernovae which were nip-and-tuck from the very start. Overall series results can be viewed here.
We also had a couple of social sailors, including a potential newcomer aboard the Club’s green Laser: hoping that that experience won’t put him off too much and we look forward to a new face joining us. Thanks go to safety boat crew (Tony and Paul), and to ODs Jenny and Barry Oxley for officiating.
Mike Palmer

New Jetty In Place

After many months of planning and a great deal of preliminary work, Monday 30th April saw the successful installation of our new floating jetty. Several club members were on hand to assist the team from Aqua-Dock to launch the pontoon and set the anchors.
The result is a very impressive structure that should serve the club for many years. The jetty was partly funded by a grant from the EON Community Fund which was administered by the Community Foundation For Calderdale.
There is still some work required to remove the remains of the old jetty but hopefully that will be completed shortly.

Wednesday Evening Racing Starts

April 18th saw the first Wednesday evening racing of the season. With a good breeze and sun, it was enjoyed by all. Results can be viewed here. The picture shows Tim Holden establishing an early lead he was not to relinquish.

Early Season Report

Sadly, attempts to get the Wednesday Evening Series (11/04) underway were thwarted by low cloud reducing visibility to a few yards. There were a few keen attendees who will doubtless return next week.
Friday (13/04) was the date of the Fitting out Supper, held at the club. The well attended evening consisted of an excellent talk/discussion of the racing rules given and lead by Tim Holden. Many thanks to him for all his efforts. Similar thanks go to Sue and Jane Holden who worked tirelessly in the kitchen to provide all with a pie and pea supper. It was really good to see such a well attended social event at the club house – we must do it again soon.
Sunday (15/04) gave a repeat of low cloud to greet early arrivals for Sunday racing. Thankfully this soon cleared and three races races were held in a Force2/3 wind. Results can be viewed here.
The season has started well – if you have not been to the club yet, do come and join us. The next event is Wednesday Evening racing (18/04) starting at 19.15