Young People’s Saturday Sailing – June 8

With gale force winds  and heavy rain forecast, it was very quiet last Saturday at Denholme where four adults were joined by Young People  Denis and Harry J. We were lucky when the wind died down from about force 6  to force 1-2 but it was extremely cold for June and at times very wet and of course what was left of the wind was very shifty.  Tony (one of our beginners from the Wednesday night Level 1 course) finally cracked gybing without capsizing – well done. Many thanks to Henry, Phil and John who looked after rescue and to Steve H who checked and found boats for everyone and to Phil who washed up whilst warming up after being on the safety boat. Hopefully we will have better weather next week and everyone will be back sailing.

Happy Sailing, Sue Lamb

Suspension of Sailing

The draining of water from our reservoir to allow for work by Yorkshire Water to its structure, has proceeded much quicker than anticipated during this year, the water level now being such that the committee have had no option other than to call a halt to this year’s sailing.

Members will have received an email from the membership secretary providing details as to how the committee has decided to act with regard to this decision.

It is worth noting here that, for those that want to continue sailing, we have arranged a group membership with Denholme Sailing Club.  Our Saturday youth sailing has already moved there and we have managed to run a couple of training courses as well.  Denholme have general sailing from 10.00 am on Sundays with racing in the afternoon.  If you wish to sail there they have a variety of boats they have made available for us to use, but there isn’t any berthing space to store our members’ boats.  You would have to transport your boat each time you go.

For those not wanting to sail and not wanting to leave their boats up at our club, we have arranged boat storage, which will be available very soon.  This is at Units 9/10 Beck Road, Huddersfield, HD1 5DG. It will be limited access and we will not be allowed to do any boat maintenance there.  Should you be interested in moving your boat there please let me know.

In order for members to keep in touch with each other, there will be a social evening from 8pm at the Crossroads Inn, Wainstalls every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the month. 

We will provide updates on the website and through email covering any club news and progress of the works taking place at the reservoir. Thank you to everyone for their ongoing understanding and support during this period at the club.

Young People’s Saturday Sailing – June 1

On the day we should have been running our Youth Open Meeting at Halifax Sailing Club, we were having a quiet Saturday at Denholme.  We started with quite strong winds which took their first victim when John capsized with the Topaz.  John was on the Level 1 course back in May. Unfortunately the strong winds did not stay with us  and it dropped to about  force 1- 2. We did a couple of practice races with Denis, Laurie and Thomas in Topazes and Katie in a Topper.  And then we played with Daphne Duck.  We watched some very good confident  boat handling  and even Katie finally found the courage to stand up in the boat. It was nice to see Agata again remembering how to sail. Many thanks to Phil for safety  and for everyone for helping launch and retrieve the boats, especially the safety boat.

Happy Sailing and see you all next week.

New Training Windsurfers

The Club recently received grant funding of £4400 towards the cost of six new windsurfers from the Community Foundation for Calderdale. The equipment is needed to enable the Club to continue to teach windsurfing to new sailors and will replace older boards that are no longer fit for purpose.

Pictured below are some of our young trainees with the new boards, on and off the water.

Young People’s Saturday Sailing on tour – May 25th

Last Saturday, May 25th, was our first Young People’s Saturday Sailing at Denholme Sailing club. Ten boats took to the water, six young people and four adults. The wind fluctuated between force 0 and 4 !!! Our people are used to strong straight winds but Denholme has very shifty winds due to its position in a valley, so it made for interesting sailing. We spent the afternoon just getting used to the winds and  playing follow my leader, ball tigg, and duck chasing.  If anyone finds a little plastic duck its ours – it managed to escape the onslaught of boats.   The honour of the first capsize went to Marcus. Thanks must go to Andrew (one of the instructors from Denholme) and Phil who kept a close eye on the sailors from the safety boat and started the games. Many thanks also go to Denholme Sailing Club for allowing us to use their water and facilities whilst our water at Halifax is being drained.

Do remember Saturday sailing is open to all. At some stage we do hope to get some of our own boats at Denholme.  Hope to see you next week.

Sue Lamb

(No) Saturday Sailing – May 18th

There was no Saturday sailing on the 18th May as we were down at Denholme SC running an RYA Level 1 Sailing Course. This was a joint course with 2 candidates from Denholme SC and 3 from Halifax SC.   The day’s light wind provided interesting sailing, with a   slightly stronger wind on Sunday. Congratulations to all in passing Level 1.  Please welcome Nicky Xandora , Gerard Tighe and Michelle Ryan to our club. 

We intend to continue the current  Wednesday evening course at Denholme SC, the first session being this coming Wednesday May 22nd. From Saturday 25th May, due to lack of water at Halifax SC, Young People’s Saturday Sailing  will also be held at Denholme SC running from 12.00 to- 16.00 (ish). All welcome.
Happy Sailing, Sue Lamb

Young People’s Saturday Sailing – May 11

Thirteen adults, three windsurfers and six Young People arrived at Halifax SC for what turned out to be a very wet afternoon for most participants. Everyone went out to sail a triangular course in a light gentle wind. This done, we came in for lunch and snacks. Commodore Graham Norton wanted some photos of the club’s new windsurfing boards to send to CFFC who give us the grant for new boards, so he asked to borrow  the Young People for a photo-shoot. This turned into a windsurfing lesson for some.  Eventually we dragged the frozen in, as the wind was getting up and the water is freezing and continued with the sailing programme. Henry had arranged a pursuit race.  We have never done this on Saturdays so it was new to most people.  Everyone briefed when to start, we all set off .  Thanks to George Carter for being the OD. For once the weather forecast was correct. It had predicted that the wind would change from NE to NW by late afternoon. We knew this was going to happen but not quite as quickly as it did. Swimming lessons took over from sailing and windsurfing. We saw some spectacular sailing from Emma and Hannah who both capsized but were able to right their boats and complete the race.  Even the Mirror with Paul Hoyland and John Lamb in it capsized  before retiring gracefully.

There is no Saturday Sailing next week (May 18th) and the following week we are down at Denholme Sailing club due to the water shortage at Halifax.  More news to follow about this.

Sue Lamb

Young People’s Saturday Sailing returns with a bang

We had a wonderful attendance at the first Young People’s Saturday Sailing of 2019.  23 adults and young people arrived raring to go. Unfortunately it was a northerly wind blowing force 6.  Far too windy and cold for the first day.  So we  had  a change from the scheduled  program and did land based activities.

We split into 2 teams and they had to rig a Topper and a Pico correctly, starting with a race from the main gate. Both teams did really well (they even noticed I had taken the bungs out!) but what both teams forgot was to blow the buoyancy bag up on the top of the mast. We then did knots with Steve Hill who was teaching everyone new knots before asking Harry Hoyland to draw a dinghy on the white board and we tried to name all the different parts of the dinghy and sail. Then Henry Goodman did a session on right of way, including port and starboard.
We welcomed Harry Jagger who is now old enough to join us. He managed to learn 2 knots for his stage 1 certificate. Let’s hope for a better weather next week and we can actually sail.

Sue Lamb

Three New Graduates

Congratulations go to Steve Hill, Nathan Lucas and Nick Fenn,  seen here with Susan Haigh  at Green Withens reservoir, on completing the Power Boat Level 2 course, plus a surprise of Navigation which is now included in the course. Well done to all of them.

Wednesday Evening becomes two.

With an earlier start of 7pm, a crack race team of Tim Hartley, Antony Burnett and Richard Poskitt and breeze, Wednesday evening saw two back to back races held. As the fleet launched, a decent southerly breeze soon become what some thought indecent as dark clouds gave rise to a solid F4 with more than a bit of F5. Race officer Tim set a triangle course around which Tim Holden in a Contender stretched his (already long) legs away from the pursuing fleet to take the win, lapping all except Charles Watson in his Sprint catamaran. The rest of the fleet were somewhat delayed by mid race inspections of hull undersides for scratches – what else could be slowing them down. After some start line redesign work from Brendan Briggs in his Contender, the second race was a repeat of the first, it just hurt more. Robin Boardman found some snakes at the windward mark, managing to reverse back down the beat, much to the consternation of pursuers still going the right way. Someone had to stop it becoming boring!!!

Then it was off to the Crossroads Inn for tales of attacks from sea-serpents and typhoonic gusts. What’s not to like – see you all next week.