Winter Series – November 11

The water level at Warley Moor reservoir now having risen sufficiently, racing in the Winter Series resumed this Sunday with six boats taking to the water, enjoying a F3/4 wind and sunshine. And did we spot a prospective windsurfer looking at the conditions?
Two back to back races were held, with all sailors very much enjoying the day and looking forward to the next two Sundays before the season concludes with the AGM on December 2nd. Very many thanks go to the race and safety boat team of George Carter and Rob Trevor. Hopefully, more members will attend next Sunday – why not!!!


Working Party – Oct 14

A very productive working party at the club today. Around a dozen of the usual and unusual suspects turned up to remove scaffolding poles from the reservoir bed and clean up around the grounds, despite the “wet” conditions. Thanks to all.
YW have now put the plug back in to the reservoir and the water level is starting to rise – a good sign.

Fun Day – September 22

The club held its annual Fun Day this Saturday, the traditional end to Young People’s Saturday Sailing (YPSS). A count of 46 children and adults was made, all joining in the onshore games put on whilst the water is temporarily too low to take to. It was a little chilly cold up at the club but everyone soon warmed up once the activities started. We managed to borrow some hockey sticks, hula hoops and skittles from the Scout Group so we had plenty to do. I am not sure I have seen a hockey match played with such competitiveness. Thankfully no broken hockey sticks or legs but plenty of muddy adults. ‘Bethans boys’ won the tournament.
Stuart brought some quizzes to keep everyone entertained. There was also a jigsaw to do. Emma won the prize for bowling for the Young people, Phil Hopley won for the adults whilst Denis won the hoopla for Young People and Robin won for the adults.
Then it was food time with Simon cooking the BBQ with Adele and Eve serving. Many thanks to them. Model boats were made but they had to be in class -no more the 20cms in all directions and float. Denis and Thomas won the prize for ‘In class’ whilst Emily won the prize for ‘Out of Class’ whilst also winning the first prize in one of Stuart’s quizzes.
Onto prize giving which Jane Redman was kind enough to officiate at. All the Young People were given a goody bag. Steve Hill won the series for combined adults and Young People together with Paul second. Harry Hoyland was third in the combined and first overall in the Young People and won “The Trophy”. Denis was 2nd and Emma 3rd. Well done to all that raced over the last few months and the many who have helped. After which it just remains to prompt you all to look out for the messages for the start of YPSS 2019. See you then.
Happy Sailing, Sue and Henry (instructors)

Puddle Pursuits – early September

Whilst necessary work being carried out on the reservoir along with our best summer in 10,000 years has resulted in a very low level of water, sailing at the club continues to be enjoyed by many.
Eight boats took to the water on Saturday (03/09) for Young People’s Saturday Sailing (YPSS). It was a tad muddy when launching but everyone worked together to make it easier. Sailors were blessed with light southerly winds so most people stayed upright. Once on the water, coach Henry Goodman had everyone sailing between two marks – when he blew the whistle everyone changed direction. This made for interesting sailing and made everyone think about who had the right of way around the mark and whether they were on port or starboard or had an overlap. After tea break, there were three short races. Steve Hill and John Lamb won two races with the other going to Ian Asquith in his Topaz. Thanks as always to Stuart Watson for setting the courses and Phil Hopley for helping on the safety boat. There will YPSS next Saturday (10/09), water and wind allowing.
Sunday saw eleven boats on the water, enjoying a solid Force 3 southerly wind for the first race followed, after a short break ashore, by two back to back races in winds of Force 2. Moreover the sun shone and it was warm. Kevin Holmes (Streaker) completed a clean sweep for the day, winning all three races. Kevin Brennan (Laser Radial) took second place in races 1 & 2 before Henry Goodman found his mojo to take second place in race three, this after breaking his mast in the first race of the day.
Next week the fun continues.
Finally, could we ask all sailors to make sure any water in their sailing boots is returned to the reservoir after sailing – every little helps.

Young People’s Saturday Sailing

It’s very quiet at the moment for Young People’s Saturday Sailing as a lot of the Young People are on holiday. Saturday 28th July was a lost cause as it was blowing a raging gale, whereas Saturday 4th Aug saw 6 boats out. Sailing involved either circling and stopping at marks or chasing each other to hit the plastic bottle tied to the back of the boats.
After a much needed tea break, there were 3 short races which were very competitive, particularly at the start. Thanks as always to Stuart as OD and tea waller, to Henry for organising the sailing activities and Nathan for working on the safety boat.

Lots of goings on at the club.

Friday saw several members arrive at the club early to do concreting work around the jetty and slipway area. This has improved our launching facilities greatly. They also took the opportunity to remove twenty of the old jetty supporting poles which leaves the launching area clear.
Eleven boats took to the water on Saturday for Young People’s Saturday Sailing (YPSS). Henry Goodman had everyone practising starts and then we had a couple of races to put this training into practice. It got very competitive at both starts. Thanks as always to the safety boat crew, Henry and Steve Hill and to Stuart Watson as OD and tea maker. (Steve Hill has just been national championship of the Hunter Impala 28 class in Lymington where they were 4th overall and won a race on Sunday.
After initial cloud had cleared, sunshine and a NW Force 2 wind greeted attendees on Sunday. Ten dinghies raced with Tim Hartley being the day’s winner, taking the first two races and a second in the third, the last race slip up being a combination of over eagerness at the start and Kevin Holmes finally shaking off the after effects of the previous night’s excess. Thanks to George Carter and Robert Orange in the safety boat and to me and my wife as ODs.
Two Toppers went out for a cruise whilst two people undertook sail training with Sue Lamb and Henry Goodman. Three windsurfers also took to the water, there being just enough wind (especially in the gusts) to make it fun. All in all, a great day to be at the club. Hope to see more faces next week.

Busy Weekend in the Sunshine

Ten boats attended Young People’s Saturday Sailing (YPSS) last Saturday, enjoying a Force 2/3 wind. Whilst some practised man overboard procedures, others improved their basic boat handling. The new jetty was tested after a wind change ‘upset’ several boats tied to it but it came through with flying colours. After tea break, there was racing and chasing of inflatables. Thanks to the Trevor safety crew and to Stuart Watson as OD.
Despite a dual header vs World Cup and Wimbledon there was a healthy turn-out for Sunday afternoon racing, as well as 4 training or leisure sailors and a couple of windsurfers, the latter especially hopeful! A wind forecast of 10 knots tempted four catamarans onto the water although conditions proved not to see them perform well on handicap. Adam North took the first race and Kevin Holmes the other two. Series results can be viewed here. Thanks go to Chris Holden and his son Ben as OD, and to Mike Palmer as Cox, with assistants Robin Boardman and Tony Burnett.

A Great Weekend at the Club

Ten boats took to the water for Young People’s Saturday Sailing in a wind of F2/3 with a few gusts to catch everyone off guard. The wind was swirling around a bit but at least there was less swimming than previous weeks. At the same time, a windsurfing training course was taking place (over Sunday as well) with three attendees taking advantage of the weather to become qualified windsurfers. Well done to them all.
Sunday was just as busy with fifteens dinghies taking to the water to enjoy three races in, apart from a few tricky moments, good conditions. And when all had left the water, the club’s other residents came to see what had been going on and whether there were any nibblets to be had.
Don’t forget, if you are not an avid football match watcher, Wednesday night dinghy racing starts at 19.30 – I am sure news of the score will reach the heights of Warley Moor.

New Jetty In Place

After many months of planning and a great deal of preliminary work, Monday 30th April saw the successful installation of our new floating jetty. Several club members were on hand to assist the team from Aqua-Dock to launch the pontoon and set the anchors.
The result is a very impressive structure that should serve the club for many years. The jetty was partly funded by a grant from the EON Community Fund which was administered by the Community Foundation For Calderdale.
There is still some work required to remove the remains of the old jetty but hopefully that will be completed shortly.