Saturday Young Peoples Sailing. Fun Day.

Last Saturday afternoon 8 th October we held the 2022 Fun Day. It was cold and windy but the weather was fine and sunny. Unfortunately, we were unable to sail due to the lack of water and too much mud.

13 Young Sailors attended along with their parents. We also invited people from Denholme sailing club and of course we invited everyone who comes and helps us on Saturday Young Peoples Sailing and we invited people from our club.

So, we had a quick change of plan and had games and competitions, of which included a hockey tournament, with teams of 5 including parents, a treasure hunt looking for sweeties hidden about the grounds and another where you had to decide where the treasure was hidden. Before you put a cross on the treasure map you had to find Brian the bird, (our resident bird watcher) Steve on his paddle boat and my cat!! Augusta won the prize for being nearest to the treasure.

We held 6 leg races. (Not easy). Henry handicapped the adults by 30 seconds. At the same time we had a hoopla game. Harry and Charles’ dad won the prize for the most hoops. He got 5 hoops on cones. Has he done this before?

Then it was time for the feast. We asked everyone to bring food to share. The table was groaning under the amount of food. Absolutely Yummy. Thank you to Simon for running the BBQ.

Then we had the prize giving. Jenny Oxley was kind enough to present the prizes. Level 1 and 2 certificates we given out to the young people and then the ‘Star Sailor of the Year Trophy’ was presented.

This trophy is given to the most outstanding sailor of the year. This year it went to Leo.

We would like to thank everyone who came on Saturday and supported us. It was one of the best ‘Fun Days we have had’

Sue and Henry

Heating Work Continues

Work continues up at the club to improve the heating.The team meet every Tuesday morning to continue the works.

Picture of William Redman, Steve Hill (the boss) Phil Hopley (a new recruit) and Dave Walker (always doing something)