Saturday Sailing @DenholmeSC

The Young People’s Saturday Sailing (YPSS) team checked on the weather and wind speed predicted for Saturday 7th Aug and made a very quick decision. It wasn’t so much the average windspeed, rather the gusts that were going to be unsuitable for sailing at Warley Moor. So the team gathered helmets and waterproofs and decamped to our sister club, Denholme SC. Six Young People, Sue Lamb and Henry Goodman took to the water. The picture below belies a day of rain and strong wind. There were one or two capsizes but not as many as  anticipated – our Young People are rapidly becoming experts at sailing. Thanks to Daniela Chinneck for the photo and Nick Fenn and Mark Little for covering safety. All had a wonderful time. YPSS will be returning to Halifax next week.
Happy Sailing, Sue and Henry.