Fun Day – September 18th

Last Saturday saw the club hold its annual Fun Day. Preparations were made for activities in all weathers but for once the weather behaved itself and we were able to have activities on the water, resulting in this year’s Fun Day being the best yet.
Thank you to all the people who helped with the event. Simon, Adele and Eve organised the BBQ which was a great success. Thank you to Carol who brought lots of cake, including a wonderful chocolate cake of which I managed to get a piece. Thank you to Daniella for providing the sweeties and salads, to Cherie for the potato dishes and all others who brought food for the party. A very large thank you must also go to the parents, friends and Club members who supported us.
Prizes of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals were given to the winners of the water games and Elliot’s Mum won the Treasure Hunt. We then gave ‘prizes’ to all our instructors, safety boats crews and helpers without whom we would not be able to run our Young Peoples’ On board Sailing. Special mention must go the person who won the trophy for Sailor of the Year, Libby. Thank you to our Commodore William for presenting the prizes.
On a personal level, thank you for the beautiful flowers.
Next week there will be a windsurfing taster session although dinghies will be available for those not tempted.

Thanks again
Sue, and Henry and the team