Rules on going afloat

For safety reasons you cannot sail on your own. When you can sail is covered by
club by-laws which are at the end of the club rules.

By-Law 10 covers Windsurfers:
Windsurfer sailing will only be permitted when another windsurfer or a manned
safety boat is available on the water to give assistance as necessary.
No member under the age of 14 will be permitted on the Club’s water when the
safety boat is not available unless qualified to at least Windsurfing Certificate level

By-Law 11 covers dinghy sailing:
Dinghy sailing may take place when a safety boat is available.
Between May 1st to the 2nd Sunday in September dinghy sailing may also take
place without a safety boat on the water if:
Another fully crewed dinghy is rigged, on the water & available to give assistance as
All helms of participating boats are competent for the conditions & are 18 or over.
Members going afloat with no safety boat do so at their own risk.

By-laws for Small Watercraft Members state:
All Small Watercraft are restricted to an area within 50 metres of the shore.
When using a small watercraft a minimum group number of 2 is required on the
water at all times unless the safety boat is in operation.
Wet suits or dry suits must be worn at all times.

A safety boat will usually be available on
i) Sunday afternoons from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in November
ii) Saturday afternoons from the first Saturday in May to the second Saturday in
iii) Wednesday evenings from mid April to the second Wednesday in September