2nd Sunday Dinghy Racing Series

With a light SW predicted to fall away as the afternoon progressed, a great turnout of 15 eager helms were at the club for the final day’s sailing of the 2nd Sunday Series on August 20th, with (almost) all still to play for. The light wind left the 3 Sprints at a disadvantage, likewise Henry Goodman (Contender) whose chances were dented further in the opening race by heeling his dinghy to windward and coming to a full stop. To compound his felony he did it directly in front of Your Correspondent: Henry, when will you learn? Never one to miss a trick, Kevin Holmes, who had brought along his Dad for support, ramped up the pressure on rival Your Correspondent by suggesting that the series depended upon results of the day, but to no avail. As we have often seen the Streaker and Supernova helms all excel in lighter winds, and apart from a single 3rd placing for Chris Haywood (Lady Laser) the podium was populated by these classes, with Your Correspondent and Kevin Holmes recording three 1st and 2nds respectively, Richard Redman (Streaker) and Colin Vickerman (Supernova) taking the other places. Racing was close and gentlemanly, although the busy start lines in the first 2 races were confused further by the occasional Sprint (Mr Walker!) trying to force its way through, quickly sorted out as we followed the standard course up to No3, but thereafter the loudest shouting on the water was to helpful point out to 2 dinghies the errors of their way: literally, that is, as both Colin Vickerman and Richard Redman, at different points in the races, headed for the wrong marker and had to be reined in. In between times racing between similar craft was close, although many eyes were closely watching the clock, anticipating the adjusted results at the finishing signal. Thanks to Brendan Briggs as OD and Tony Burnett and Keith Lister for safety cover, untroubled other than by the midges as we packed up.
The series’ overall results (view here) show the top placings all going to regular attendees. Congratulations to Kevin Holmes as series’ champion. Mention is due to Tim Hartley whose impressive consistency was spoilt by being one Sunday short of a qualifying total. 32 helms competed in the Series, 7 of whom reaching the number of 15 qualifying races.
Please note, a reminder to Wednesday sailors that we are now in pre-Autumn mode with a 19.00 start for the next 2 weeks, and an 18:45 start for the final race on September 6th.
Author – Mike Palmer (and Robin Boardman for overall series info)

Young People’s Saturday Sailing – August 19

Yet again we decided to cancel Young People’s Saturday Sailing due to the nasty forecast of 28/29 mph between 13.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs. Rumour had it that it was the tale end of Hurricane Gert(?) coming across the Atlantic. This year we have had lots of wind on Saturdays but I think this is the first time we have had a hurricane even though it has felt like one at times. Let’s hope for a nice sailing day next Saturday. Just to remind everyone that on the 23rd Sept it’s the Fun Day. Simon is going to run the barbecue again. There will be races (wind allowing), games and competitions for everyone. Watch out for reminders about this club event.
Happy Sailing, Sue

Dinghy Racing – Wednesday Aug 16

Well, obviously it’s the height of summer as you can tell from the ubiquitous smell of barbecues, the sunburned skin and the soaring temperatures wafted by a gentle balmy breeze, but where has everyone gone? Has the world ended? Or is everyone stuck behind the temporary traffic lights installed everywhere by NGN to renew gas pipes, or the ones in in Mytholmroyd? On what would have been a superb evening for the Sprint 15s to show their pace we had 3 potential sailors, one of whom – no names, Colin – took his dinghy as far as the launching area before bottling out, leaving 2 to take to the water. What was unclear until the very start was just who was going to helm Team Holden’s Laser 4.7 as first Sam and then Ben had a go, but as the starting signal sounded it was Thomas Jagger aboard, for his first sail in a couple of years. In a southerly F3 he put in a solid show, managing a creditable 2nd place behind Your Correspondent, and coping admirably as the wind shifted slightly westwards and brought some increasing gusts, but thankfully not the rain that had been promised. Thanks to Chris Holden for a relatively gybe-free course, and to his children and grandchildren – Evie was there too! – for officiating and providing safety cover.
Author – Mike Palmer

Young People’s Saturday Sailing – Aug 5

Another windy day at Halifax Sailing Club. Seven Young People and lots of adults arrived hoping to sail but disappointingly it was blowing a force 7. Whilst we waited to see if the wind speed was going to drop, we ate yummy chocolate cake to celebrate Emily’s 13 birthday. She actually made the cake. Happy Birthday Emily. We also presented Laurie with his RYA Stage 2. Well Done Laurie. We also took some photos of everyone with the new defibrillator. Unfortunately the wind did not abate so sailing was cancelled for the day. Please note there will be no Saturday Young People’s Sailing next week, August 12, but we will be back in action on August 19th. Enjoy your holidays those that are going away.
Happy Sailing, Sue Lamb

Dinghy Racing – Sunday August 6

Conditions were below the seasonal average temperature wise and above wind wise for the dozen plus dinghy sailors who attended the club for racing today. Mention should be also be given to the sole winter wetsuit clad windsurfer who found the conditions to his liking. A good force 3 saw the cats streak away in the first race to enjoy very close racing before Charles Watson broke free to secure the win with the rest of the cat fleet filling the next four places on handicap, the monohull menagerie having their own battle further down the pitch. The second race saw the wind more force four than three, causing some “falling over” and breakage of both boats and sailors, Dave Walker holding it all together to take the win. The final race was a select affair with Tim Hartley’s superior boat handling proving decisive.
At the end of the day, the tired fleet agreed it had been a great day’s racing with all looking forward to the two remaining Sundays in the series, up to date results for which can be found here. Thanks as always to the safety boat crew who at least couldn’t complain of boredom and the OD (me).
Author – Don Kiddick

Dinghy Racing – Sunday July 30

The Sunday sailors arrived to find a training course in progress, with reefed sails on Toppers and Picos hinting to the conditions. The wind was mainly from the west although shifty, and forecast as F4 gusting F6 which proved conservative when the rain clouds appeared later on. Nine dinghies started including our returning hero Ben Holden, flushed with Danish success in the Contender World Championships where he finished 8th overall, the top British sailor. Well done, Ben. Three boats retired, including a plucky Richard Redman who, even with a cut-down sail, was unable to cope, while Henry Goodman’s mention is due to equipment failure: with one trapeze line giving up on each side the boat became a little unmanageable. So he capsized, but at least with good reason. While Steve Tunnacliffe (Sprint) left all far behind the remaining dinghies all finished within 25 seconds (corrected time) of each other, Kevin Holmes’ Streaker keeping Ben Holden’s Laser at bay. The next race saw equally close racing in a slightly lighter wind, but Steve Davison, victim of a broken toe-strap, is still out there somewhere trying to catch up with his Sprint, while Ben Holden rekindled his absolute loathing of the Laser which, bearing down from No2 hit, the “Eject” button in grand, goosewing style. The race went to Kevin Holmes, ahead of Your Correspondent (Supernova) and Dave Walker’s Sprint. The field of 5 for the 3rd race was reduced before the start when, after launching, Kevin Holmes decided that the looming rain clouds over Sowerby Bridge meant nothing but trouble, and went back home for an early bath. But he was right: the wind rose, and claimed its second victim when Steve Tunnacliffe retired part-way through. The 3 remaining dinghies stuck it out, particularly enjoying – mostly! – the more-than-slightly scary broad reach from 1 across to 6 that seemed to take about 15 seconds. Exhilarating stuff! At the finish Dave Walker stayed ahead of Ben Holden and the author.
Thanks to Tony Burnett for officiating, and to the rather busy safety boat crew of Ben Tunnacliffe and Sarah Scott.
Author – Mike Palmer

Saturday Young People’s Sailing Update

July 22. Finally we had a light wind day. We have only been waiting for this since May. 12 boats took to the water. We welcomed Katie, her Dad and sister Bethan. Katie has stage 1 so can sail. Katie, myself and Sarah sailed the Mirror. Meanwhile Henry had everyone else doing follow my leader. We have got used to raging winds so sailing in light winds was a major change. Don’t worry this light wind will not last. Colin set the course and everyone went off to race. Fergus was 1st in his Laser, 2nd was Henry in his Laser, 3rd was Steve in his Streaker, 4th was Hannah in her Pico, 5th was Ian in his Topaz and last but not least Robert in the Laser. Not sure what happened to Nicola and Phil or Eve who signed on but did not finish. The safety boat was manned by Chris who was teaching Rob and Nick basic power boating. There were not many to fish out this week due to the light winds but Thomas did get a nasty gust that tipped him in. We also had cake to celebrate John’s birthday
July 29. Well last week’s light wind day has been and gone and we were back to the force silly again but never mind the wind, most importantly we have a rising star in our mist. Congratulations to Laurie who is not only a Topper sailor but a football star. He was recently was awarded Player of the Year for Ryburn United Under 12’s football team. Well done. We had 6 Young People sailing last Saturday. Exciting as ever, we had the usual on shore wind touching force 5. Undaunted everyone went out to sail. Harry went out on his own in a reefed Topper. Emily and Katie went out together in a Topper. Meanwhile George organised a race. Marcus came 1st. Our football star Laurie came 2nd. Ian with his daughter Libby came 3rd and Rob was 4th. As it got windier Libby experienced her first capsize. Libby, it is not so bad capsizing, it’s part of the fun of sailing. Harry also fell over but undaunted righted the boat. The second recovery he did was a dry capsize . Well done Harry. Katie accidentally fell out of the Topper leaving Emily on her own. Katie was picked up by the safety boat after abandoning ship and Emily carefully bought the Topper back to shore. Many thanks as always to George who set the course and Henry and John for safety and Ben and Sarah for helping with the rigging.
Whilst the Young People were sailing, Kevin was running the August Sailing Course. Please Welcome Jo Buckley ( Katie’s Mum) and Paul Hoyland (Harry and Emily’s Dad) who both passed RYA Level 1. They both did extremely well in the prevailing conditions. It’s not easy learning to sail when the wind is touching force 5. Thanks to Steve D and Tim H for helping us with this course. Have you ever tried to rudderless sail in a reefed Topper because that’s what Tim was doing on Sunday afternoon!. Not easy. Apologies to the racers on Sunday as one of our pupils ended up dragging buoy no 6 with her. We put it back in situ but it dragged its weight and move too close to the shore. At one stage of the race there were various boats looking for it. Whoops sorry.
See some of you next week. Happy Sailing. Sue

Dinghy Racing Data

Recently, club member and Laser Radial dinghy racer Kevin Brennan, used his bike Garmin unit during races to collect the below data.

Race 1
Distance 4.7 miles, max speed 11.2 mph, average speed 6.3 mph, climbing 77ft
Race 2
Distance 5.4 miles, max speed 10.7 mph, average speed 5.9 mph, climbing 119ft

One thought you may be interested to see the data.

Club July Newsletter

Club members should have received a recent email with the latest edition of the club newsletter attached. If the email did not reach you, then it is now available on the club website here.

Young People’s Saturday Sailing – July 15

You would think that in July we might just have some light winds and a nice sunny day. No chance – it was the usual force silly of a force 4. But not only was it windy, we also had low cloud. When John and myself arrived it was raining and we could not see the water. Gradually everyone arrived and started to rig boats. Still the mist didn’t lift. So, we postponed the sailing for a while until we could at least see the dam wall. Steve came up with a great idea. Yet again it was an onshore wind, so we got one of the Toppers and the challenge was to sail out to the orange mark where the rescue boat was lurking and come back to shore without gybing, capsizing or crashing the boat into the launching ramp or the jetty and getting out of the boat on the correct side as they stopped and also pulling the dagger board up at the correct time. Points were given by the heckling crowd on the bank. Everyone had a go. The prize of the worst landing went to Emma who confidently arrive back to shore and gybed the boat. Boos and hisses were heard around the pond. The second prize went to Laurie and Harry who on their way out to the orange mark tried to take the jetty with them! Then the cloud lifted so everyone went out for a sail. Once everyone was on the water the cloud came down. It was time to bring everyone back. Messages were sent to the safety boat and everyone was rounded up but one boat was missing. Eventually the safety boat found Robert who was totally lost in the clouds. It’s not easy sailing in fog – you loose all sense of direction. It was then tea break time. Doughnuts this week,thanks to Rob and Laurie. We decided to have a race between number 1 mark, number 2 and the blue mark. We waited until the cloud lifted and rushed out. Thankfully the low cloud stayed away whilst we raced. The winner overall was Ben in a Topper who joined us to help on Saturdays. Please come again Ben and Sarah. The winning Young Persons were Laurie with Harry in a Topper. Many thanks as always to Stuart for officiating the race and Steve and John for Safety. See some of you next week
Happy Sailing, Sue