Race Results

Race Series Scoring Rules

  • Points for 1st place = 1pt; 2nd place = 2pts etc
  • Points for retiring from a race (RTD) = number of starters in race + 1
  • Points for not starting a race (DNS) = the number of starters in the series
  • 50% of the number of races sailed in a series count towards the helm’s series total, a helm counting their best results. If a helm has not sailed the required number of qualifying races, DNS points (see above) will be scored for each race needed to reach the number of qualifying races.
  • Series points are assigned to the helm, not the boat
  • For any races that a series helm is on duty (safety or OD), the helm’s average points for the series (not including DNS points) will be allocated for those races. If racing is abandoned, average points will not be awarded.
  • Only helms who have entered at least one race will be eligible for the series ie a series place is not given for Average Points only.
  • The Helm of the Year trophy is awarded to the helm with the most race wins in the season.