Before joining the club, we ask prospective members to visit the club, either on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon or Wednesday evening, to meet with existing members and get a feel for the club, after which it is simply a matter of filling in a membership application form.

  • Full members can sail and keep a dinghy at the club and windsurf, annual fee £145pa.
  • Windsurf members can only windsurf, annual fee £120.
  • Family versions of the above cost an additional £20pa.
  • Junior membership (11 to 14 inc) costs £20pa – requires a designated parent/guardian.
  • Student membership (15 to 17 inc) costs £40pa
  • Associate membership (non-boat owning) costs £90pa.
  • Social membership (non-sailing) costs £40pa.
  • Affiliate membership is available – poa.


Please note

  • Full members are expected to attend several times each season to assist, as appropriate, with organised on-the-water activities. Windsurf members are exempt from this requirement.
  • All members must have third party liability insurance for at least £2,000,000, before taking to the water.
  • Daytickets are not available.

For more information, Contact Us