Dinghy Racing – October 18th

Unfortunately this week the Met Office forecast was pretty much spot-on, ensuring that Sprints and sailboards kept well away from the Club. The turbine blades did finally manage to summon up enough energy to start turning as the first race began, but they gave up the ghost as the second drifted, somnolently, towards dusk.

Sorry, but I have to say that I and the audience felt badly let down by the lot of you this week, although we did have more spectators than they had at Ashton Gate and Wembley combined…. After last week’s incident-packed session there was so little action on the water that the only place to look for inspiration was in the boat workshop where an increasingly stressed William Redman could be found, manfully struggling to connect some electrical cables to the water pipes. As sailors departed there was only the faint gloom of an LED head torch to reveal his existence, and who knows, come Sunday he may still be there.

Tim Holden kindly ran the racing assisted by his collie to help round up the stragglers, a total of 7 dinghies taking part including George in his new-to-him Magno that showed a nifty turn of speed upwind, and a couple of Mirrors that headed the fleet for a few brief, but no doubt exhilarating, moments – the joy of pursuit racing – but winners were Your Correspondent’s Supernova in the first, and Kevin Holmes’s Streaker in the second. Highlights on the water were Kevin H & Henry G both touching No 2 (and dutifully doing turns) whilst Your Correspondent finally managed to break his habit of hitting No 6, but purely because it wasn’t a course mark this week.

Let’s hope that the most exciting thing next weekend will not be the end of BST, although that does mean that racing will have to start promptly (at 1300) if we are to finish before darkness falls. See you all then for what is currently forecast to be a cold and lively session.