Dinghies @ HxSC – September 26th

Around a dozen members came up to Warley Moor on Sunday in the unexpected early autumn sunshine in order to discuss health and welfare, and the current social and political situation, all at a safe distance of course. Some of them even broke off to rig dinghies and sailboards, or to paddle kayaks, before Dave Walker (thank you!) stepped up to set a course for a couple of pursuit races.
Finally we have a racing system that puts the Streaker on a sensible handicap relative to the
remainder of the fleet, although in his defence Kevin Brennan did also have to cope with a failed cunningham control which might have contributed to his performance. No such problems for Henry Goodman in his Laser, who romped away with a win in the first race as Your Correspondent (Twice! – You’d think he’d learn!) fell foul of an over-long mooring line at No 6. Meanwhile Steve Davison was trying to work out what to do with 42’ of mainsheet in his Laser Radial, while Tony Burnett went off for a blue crayon to colour in the corner of his full rig, hoping to fool others into thinking he too was in a Radial. Nice try.
The second race turned into a close tussle between Henry and Your Correspondent, with only a couple of boat lengths difference as the hooter failed to sound but the
second race ended. Meanwhile other leisure sailors were also enjoying the light breeze, including George in his new Topper Magnum (PI), Nathan, and Steve Hill – and hardly enough bare flesh in the boat park to scare the livestock!

Mike Palmer