HxSC @ Denholme

When we arrived at Denholme it was so windy and gusty that we nearly cancelled the sailing session.   Both Henry and myself were waving our windspeed indicators about. thinking perhaps it’s far too gusty to be safe.  Luckily the wind died down a little and we decided to sail.  Hannah sailed a Pico, Katie sailed a Topper, Harry and his Dad sailed a Zest and a friend of mine David from lots of years ago (when I worked at Denholme for Youth Services) sailed the other Zest.  The wind was still gusting from all directions which made for fast sailing and fast reactions. Katie did a good job of lassoing a mark with her main sheet.  We had to undo it from the Topper and still it would not come free from the buoy.  Phil managed to eventually remove it from the buoy. It must have wrapped itself around the buoy about 3 times. We then had a pursuit race. Even I joined in.  Harry did really well in not getting Dad too wet. Hannah found out what luffing is and Katie, after a few swims, did really well.
Thanks to Phil and Nicola for Safety.
Happy Sailing – Sue and Henry.