Young People’s Saturday Sailing – Aug 3rd

With some of the sailors away on holiday, I thought we would have a quiet afternoon. Well, the wind was quiet and we had 8 boats out so we decided to do some work towards the RYA stages.  Hannah was practising her teaching skills and explained to everyone about ‘Man overboard’ and then we went out and practised the rescue drill. Just to reassure everyone, it’s not a real person but a large plastic container full of water attached to a buoyancy aid, much to the disgust of some of the Young People who wanted a real person to rescue!!. We had a nice surprise when Stuart and Ingrid arrived. Stuart is looking and walking a lot better since his operation and it was good to see them both. Then the wind dropped so we had a bit of fun. The object of the game was to catch the duck which we dumped at the other end of the pond.  You could catch it by fair means or foul. Some of the Young People opted to lie on the front of their boat and do a sort of front crawl. Paul didn’t need to lie on the boat, he just sat in the Mirror and off it went at great speed (How?? – Ed). I think Thomas got there first. Paddles were then given out to some of the Young People so they could get back to the jetty. We welcomed Fraser from Denholme Sailing Club/Reva for his first sail with us. Thanks to Steve and Emma for safety.  To those going on holiday, enjoy – others we hope to see next week.  By the way the duck is called Daphne – not Ducky or Quacky!
Sue Lamb