Young People’s Saturday Sailing – July 27

Another Saturday at Denholme but rather than the raging gale of last week, we had torrential rain (not good for my new hairstyle) and the usual light winds. We had 6 boats out; 2 adults and 4 young people.  We finally got Hannah in the Laser with Harry, Jessica, Helen and Marie in Toppers and Thomas in a Topaz. Emma practised driving the safety boat. We played follow my leader and then after a tea break, we had a very competitive pursuit race. I think Helen won this race. Having had all the hot weather last week the water was amazingly warm.  It was like being in a swimming bath. Most of the young people tested the water along with Marie who appeared to do a slow motion capsize. On that point, a message to all Halifax people who sail at Denholme. If you use a boat please can you make sure the rudder and centreboard are  securely tied to the boat before you launch. The water is quite deep at the end of the Jetty.  Steve H is going to do his best to retrieve the lost rudder. Many thanks as usual to Henry and John and all parents and grandparents (Barbara) for helping make Saturday Sailing such a success. See some of you next week. Happy Hols to those who are going away.
Sue Lamb