HxSC @ Denholme – July 21

A miracle happened at Denholme Sailing Club during the second race of the day. Your correspondent, sailing a Laser Radial, managed an entire race without the dreaded Laser disease rearing its ugly head.
A relatively constant, for Denholme, F3 presented the sailors from Denholme and HxSC with an enjoyable 45 minute race. Brendan Briggs sailing the Radial and Bill Holms in a Hartley 10 completely misread the start allowing the two Lightning 368s and a Mirror to gain an early advantage. Your correspondent then needed the next 3 laps to catch up with the lead Lightning before managing to overtake it on the water. This moment of glory only lasted about 10 seconds when I heard “water” and had to relinquish the lead. Meanwhile, Bill, in the Hartley, was discovering that the wind shifts alot more than at Flyflatts. Being in the slowest boat on water, Bill was lapped a couple of times before the course was shortened. The Lightning finished just in front of the Laser who were both several minutes ahead of the competition.
Thanks again goes to Denholme Sailing Club for their warm welcome and the offer of biscuits from the biscuit tin.

Brendan (usually in a Contender) Briggs