Young People’s Saturday Sailing – July 6

No one was safe when our Saturday sailors played ball tig, not even  Steve D who thought he would have a nice little sail in his Laser. The idea is that someone starts off with the ball and the idea is to throw it into the other’s boat.  If it lands in your boat you have to join the chasing team. The game carries on until everyone is caught but not everyone knows who has the ball so you have to be careful. They were even chasing the safety boat!!.   Henry had everyone doing Man Overboard. Don’t worry  it wasn’t a real man but a couple of buoyancy aids. We welcomed Jessica to Saturday Sailing.  Jessica’s Grandma, Barbara, is a long standing member of Denholme sailing club.  Emma took charge of Jessica and took her out in the Hartley 12. Jessica soon remembered how to sail and was off out on a Topper on her own. Emma then took me out on the Hartley 12 and then Henry.  She did her best to get Henry in the water without success. Star of this Saturday was Katie, who a couple of weeks ago had the courage to stand up in the boat. This Saturday we couldn’t get her to stay in the boat. She was wanting to practise capsizing all the time. Thanks as always to Henry, John, Steve H  and all the parents and grandmas. See some of you next week  For those going on holiday, have a lovely time and we will see you when you get back
Happy hols. Sue