Young People’s Saturday Sailing – June 30

Good news – the lost duck has appeared.  It was found looking very upset and forlorn on the water’s edge yesterday morning.  It is having problems swimming so we will have to take extra care of it.

Six boats took to the water.  Henry came up with a devious relay game.  The boats were put into three teams and given a balloon full of water. The idea was that the first person in the team had to sail the course and then pass the water-filled balloon to the second person who then had to sail the course.  Emily and Hannah won. You could only win if you kept your balloon intact.  An interesting point here – it’s very difficult to fill a balloon with water without a tap. After tea break we then did some practice starts and as it was so hot on Saturday everyone had to capsize!! Again, we saw some really nice sailing with Emily in the Topper, Hannah in a Topaz, Denis in the Laser, Harry with Dad in the new Mirror and Nicola in a Pico and Phil in a Topaz. Thanks as always to Henry, Phil H and John and all the help from the adults.
Happy Sailing. See some of you next Saturday. Sue Lamb