Young People’s Saturday Sailing – May 11

Thirteen adults, three windsurfers and six Young People arrived at Halifax SC for what turned out to be a very wet afternoon for most participants. Everyone went out to sail a triangular course in a light gentle wind. This done, we came in for lunch and snacks. Commodore Graham Norton wanted some photos of the club’s new windsurfing boards to send to CFFC who give us the grant for new boards, so he asked to borrow  the Young People for a photo-shoot. This turned into a windsurfing lesson for some.  Eventually we dragged the frozen in, as the wind was getting up and the water is freezing and continued with the sailing programme. Henry had arranged a pursuit race.  We have never done this on Saturdays so it was new to most people.  Everyone briefed when to start, we all set off .  Thanks to George Carter for being the OD. For once the weather forecast was correct. It had predicted that the wind would change from NE to NW by late afternoon. We knew this was going to happen but not quite as quickly as it did. Swimming lessons took over from sailing and windsurfing. We saw some spectacular sailing from Emma and Hannah who both capsized but were able to right their boats and complete the race.  Even the Mirror with Paul Hoyland and John Lamb in it capsized  before retiring gracefully.


There is no Saturday Sailing next week (May 18th) and the following week we are down at Denholme Sailing club due to the water shortage at Halifax.  More news to follow about this.

Sue Lamb