Wednesday Evening becomes two.

With an earlier start of 7pm, a crack race team of Tim Hartley, Antony Burnett and Richard Poskitt and breeze, Wednesday evening saw two back to back races held. As the fleet launched, a decent southerly breeze soon become what some thought indecent as dark clouds gave rise to a solid F4 with more than a bit of F5. Race officer Tim set a triangle course around which Tim Holden in a Contender stretched his (already long) legs away from the pursuing fleet to take the win, lapping all except Charles Watson in his Sprint catamaran. The rest of the fleet were somewhat delayed by mid race inspections of hull undersides for scratches – what else could be slowing them down. After some start line redesign work from Brendan Briggs in his Contender, the second race was a repeat of the first, it just hurt more. Robin Boardman found some snakes at the windward mark, managing to reverse back down the beat, much to the consternation of pursuers still going the right way. Someone had to stop it becoming boring!!!

Then it was off to the Crossroads Inn for tales of attacks from sea-serpents and typhoonic gusts. What’s not to like – see you all next week.