Urgent Meeting re 2019 Season

As you may be aware Yorkshire Water carried out a detailed inspection of the reservoir in 2018. We have recently been contacted by MMB who carried out the inspection work on their behalf. MMB are now preparing to undertake the remedial work required and unfortunately the news isn’t very good for Halifax Sailing Club.

The major works will involve the installation of a siphon that would be used to empty the reservoir quickly should the need arise. To achieve this they will have to empty the reservoir completely. MMB are still in the planning stage so the timing for the work isn’t definitely confirmed. Their intention is to begin lowering the water level at the end of June and to commence work at the end of July. The best information that we have at the moment is that we will probably have to stop sailing in the middle of July. They advise us that once the water has been drained we should assume that the season is over.

This is obviously going to have a major impact on our activities this year. We therefore invite all members to a meeting at the Club where we will discuss the situation in more detail and try to answer any questions that you may have. The meeting will be held on Sunday 24th February starting at 12.30pm at the Club House.

The Committee is obviously trying to find ways to mitigate this situation whilst minimising the long term effects. Please try to attend the meeting on the 24th February to express your views. 

Best Regards
Tony Burnett
Club Secretary