Fun Day – September 22

The club held its annual Fun Day this Saturday, the traditional end to Young People’s Saturday Sailing (YPSS). A count of 46 children and adults was made, all joining in the onshore games put on whilst the water is temporarily too low to take to. It was a little chilly cold up at the club but everyone soon warmed up once the activities started. We managed to borrow some hockey sticks, hula hoops and skittles from the Scout Group so we had plenty to do. I am not sure I have seen a hockey match played with such competitiveness. Thankfully no broken hockey sticks or legs but plenty of muddy adults. ‘Bethans boys’ won the tournament.
Stuart brought some quizzes to keep everyone entertained. There was also a jigsaw to do. Emma won the prize for bowling for the Young people, Phil Hopley won for the adults whilst Denis won the hoopla for Young People and Robin won for the adults.
Then it was food time with Simon cooking the BBQ with Adele and Eve serving. Many thanks to them. Model boats were made but they had to be in class -no more the 20cms in all directions and float. Denis and Thomas won the prize for ‘In class’ whilst Emily won the prize for ‘Out of Class’ whilst also winning the first prize in one of Stuart’s quizzes.
Onto prize giving which Jane Redman was kind enough to officiate at. All the Young People were given a goody bag. Steve Hill won the series for combined adults and Young People together with Paul second. Harry Hoyland was third in the combined and first overall in the Young People and won “The Trophy”. Denis was 2nd and Emma 3rd. Well done to all that raced over the last few months and the many who have helped. After which it just remains to prompt you all to look out for the messages for the start of YPSS 2019. See you then.
Happy Sailing, Sue and Henry (instructors)