Lots of goings on at the club.

Friday saw several members arrive at the club early to do concreting work around the jetty and slipway area. This has improved our launching facilities greatly. They also took the opportunity to remove twenty of the old jetty supporting poles which leaves the launching area clear.
Eleven boats took to the water on Saturday for Young People’s Saturday Sailing (YPSS). Henry Goodman had everyone practising starts and then we had a couple of races to put this training into practice. It got very competitive at both starts. Thanks as always to the safety boat crew, Henry and Steve Hill and to Stuart Watson as OD and tea maker. (Steve Hill has just been national championship of the Hunter Impala 28 class in Lymington where they were 4th overall and won a race on Sunday.
After initial cloud had cleared, sunshine and a NW Force 2 wind greeted attendees on Sunday. Ten dinghies raced with Tim Hartley being the day’s winner, taking the first two races and a second in the third, the last race slip up being a combination of over eagerness at the start and Kevin Holmes finally shaking off the after effects of the previous night’s excess. Thanks to George Carter and Robert Orange in the safety boat and to me and my wife as ODs.
Two Toppers went out for a cruise whilst two people undertook sail training with Sue Lamb and Henry Goodman. Three windsurfers also took to the water, there being just enough wind (especially in the gusts) to make it fun. All in all, a great day to be at the club. Hope to see more faces next week.