A Great Weekend at the Club

Ten boats took to the water for Young People’s Saturday Sailing in a wind of F2/3 with a few gusts to catch everyone off guard. The wind was swirling around a bit but at least there was less swimming than previous weeks. At the same time, a windsurfing training course was taking place (over Sunday as well) with three attendees taking advantage of the weather to become qualified windsurfers. Well done to them all.
Sunday was just as busy with fifteens dinghies taking to the water to enjoy three races in, apart from a few tricky moments, good conditions. And when all had left the water, the club’s other residents came to see what had been going on and whether there were any nibblets to be had.
Don’t forget, if you are not an avid football match watcher, Wednesday night dinghy racing starts at 19.30 – I am sure news of the score will reach the heights of Warley Moor.