Dinghy Racing – Sunday Series 1 – June 10

This being the final race of the 1st Sunday Series a good turnout was expected from those needing to improve their attendance, much to the annoyance of our Honorary Keeper of the Results Steve Hill, lamenting that the arrival of one or two faces was sure to push him out of his 4th ranking by the end of the day. (Find out now with the Series’ results).
This was yet another Sunday with the promise (or threat) of light winds from the more challenging east, and even as dinghies were being rigged the wind was shifting from SE to NE and back again: well I say wind, but in reality it was more a gasping wheeze on the shore, although on the water there were some interesting dark patterns. One such shift hit the fleet of 9 as it lined up for Race 1: most helms saw it coming but sadly not Colin Vickerman, whose preparations were interrupted as he cooled off in the water while recovering his Streaker. The fleet quickly split into 2, the leaders completing 3 laps to the remainder’s 2, although confusion at the end of Lap 2 did result in 2 boats failing to finish. Despite the Supernovas of Ben Holden and Mike Palmer crossing first in close succession their lead was not enough to prevent the following pair, Kevin Holmes (Streaker) and Adam North (Laser Radial), taking honours, but all participants struggled at times with shifts that were generally unreadable, with headers abounding to catch out the unwary.
For the second race on a revised course 14 dinghies headed off but racing followed the same pattern, the leaders managing 3 full laps but this time ending much closer, with Mike Palmer taking the win ahead of Ben Holden and Kevin Holmes who were separated by just 0.7 secs/lap.
Race 3 also followed a different course, trying to stay one step ahead of the conditions, but the helms were still battling with some very tricky shifts, although overall the wind had filled in a little so the racing was a little more enjoyable. Kevin returned to his winning ways, although Mike & Ben continued their close-quarters racing, finishing 8 seconds apart with Mike taking 2nd place by a short nose.
As well as the usual suspects we had a couple of Miracles on the water, George Carter & Sue & John Lamb battling closely during the afternoon, with honours just about even.
Thanks go to Robin Boardman as OD, and to Nathan Lucas and Brendan Briggs basking on safety boat.
Author Mike Palmer
PS – See below, one of our new families passing by the OD’s box. They may poo on our jetty but we do share our water with them.