Wednesday Series – 6 June 2018

Another delightful summer’s evening brought a double-digit field to the start line, and together with an experimental evening training session and new member Phil Hopley and son aboard a Sprint 15 the pond was quite busy. The light N/NE wind is a delight for some but for others, say those of a larger frame or having more hulls than is strictly necessary, these conditions are not ideal. Nevertheless Charles Watson was keen to try out his Sprint with new DX rig, and I suspect we won’t see a lot of him bar spray when the autumn winds come. As it was he managed to complete the full course just ahead of Brendan Briggs’ Contender, although handicaps pushed them both well down the field. In a long race, taking advantage of the extended summer light, a couple of backmarkers retired early, but throughout Ben Holden (Supernova) and Robin Boardman (Laser) were nip and tuck, although in the final lap some fickle winds and adverse shifts slowed down Your Correspondent who was in pole position from early on, allowing Robin to take 1st place by a small margin, followed by Mike Palmer & Ben.
With more than a little irony in his voice Brendan congratulated Your Correspondent on having managed to follow the published course, for a change. He may come to regret that…
And once again we saw new blood on the water – not literally – as the end of the football season heralds the start of the sailing season for Sam Holden, who stuck with it all the way around and almost managed to keep his Dad from overtaking him on the final lap. Well done, Sam, and hopefully we’ll see you next week.
Thanks once again to OD George Oxley, and to safety boat crew Matt Hartley & Nick Fenn who were little troubled.