YPSS – June 2nd

Another Saturday and another Young People’s Saturday Sailing (YPSS). We were hoping for light winds and nice sunshine but guess what? Low cloud. It was nice gentle force 2-3 but we could hardly see the water never mind the far bank. 3 Young People turned up along with Dads. We did a little work on the ‘No Go Zone’. (All about slices of cake). Unfortunately we didn’t have cake but maybe next week! Eventually we were able to see number 1 mark so we rigged a Topper. First of all we practised capsizing with Henry hanging onto the boat – always popular. Henry had planned the lesson about lay lines. So we talked about them. The first exercise was to sail to number 1 buoy using the lay line and then sail back to the shore and land without crashing up the bank or jumping out too soon. We then added another mark just off the end of the jetty. The objective was to sail to the new mark using lay lines, sail across to number 1, gybe round it, and then go back and stop at number 1 pretending it was the jetty! We thought we had better practise with a buoy before we start landing at the jetty or there might be a few large bangs and crashing. We saw some very nice sailing from Denis, Emily and Harry. Well Done to you all.
See you all next week, Happy Sailing, Sue