YPSS – May 12

The second session of the year for Young People’s Saturday Sailing and again we were blessed with warm sunshine and light winds. Not the usual raging gale we have come to expect. I shouldn’t speak too soon though. There were those who came up to the club on Saturday who were moaning about light winds. I have one thing to say about that ‘Be careful what you wish for’. We do not want a year like the last one when we were blown out more than once.
15 boats took to the water beating last week’s 13. We had 10 children and lots of adults enjoying the light winds. We welcomed back Emma and Hannah with Mum and Dad and Isabel with her dad. Harry and Charles sailed with their Dad.
Even though it was light winds we had plenty of capsizes ( I am not sure they were accidental). I think, but not sure that Harry and Emily both had a nice swim. I know that Tom in his Topper got very wet and Hannah with Isabel in the Topaz tested the water. The funniest moment was when Paul, Harry and Emily’s Dad, stopped at the end of the jetty, tied his boat up , stepped out of the boat and promptly disappeared under the water. Don’t worry Paul, you are not the first to do that and you will not be the last! I think we will all have some practice on how to approach a jetty.
Denis had his second lesson with Henry and we finally got Katie’s Optimist on the water. Charles was kind enough to sort the rigging out last week. After a faltering start Katie set off across the pond and did not return until the end of the session when she jumped out of the boat too soon. Katie also tested the water. The consensus of all the water testers is that it’s still freezing.
Many thanks to George and Phillip (Denis’s Dad) who did rescue and Stuart and Nicola who organised the refreshments at break time. See most of you next Saturday when it’s race day!! Oh and don’t forget Push the Boat out on Sunday. Look out for the next message about that.
Sue Lamb