Early Season Report

Sadly, attempts to get the Wednesday Evening Series (11/04) underway were thwarted by low cloud reducing visibility to a few yards. There were a few keen attendees who will doubtless return next week.
Friday (13/04) was the date of the Fitting out Supper, held at the club. The well attended evening consisted of an excellent talk/discussion of the racing rules given and lead by Tim Holden. Many thanks to him for all his efforts. Similar thanks go to Sue and Jane Holden who worked tirelessly in the kitchen to provide all with a pie and pea supper. It was really good to see such a well attended social event at the club house – we must do it again soon.
Sunday (15/04) gave a repeat of low cloud to greet early arrivals for Sunday racing. Thankfully this soon cleared and three races races were held in a Force2/3 wind. Results can be viewed here.
The season has started well – if you have not been to the club yet, do come and join us. The next event is Wednesday Evening racing (18/04) starting at 19.15