MP rescued from our water!

Our Corporate Member, the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority, use our water for crew training. On October 13th they gave a private demonstration of some of the new powerboats, flood response vehicles and protective kit used for flood rescues in which they have recently invested £500,000. The weather was dour with wind SW 4–5, occasional drizzle or rain and breaking waves. There were about forty people at the club including the Chief Fire Officer with many of his senior staff, the Chair of the Fire Authority councillor Judith Hughes, Halifax MP Holly Lynch (Lab), about 15 boat crew, a reporter and cameraman from BBC Look North who had been allotted 1¾ minutes of screen time. Holly had volunteered to be put in the water to be rescued suitably wearing one of their new dry suits. When edited, the shot from the shore was too small so the cameramen went in another rib to get closer. The MP was put back in the water and re-rescued. The action was transmitted but the club was not shown or mentioned. George Carter, Sue and John Lamb and myself attended to open the club, provide and get information and serve drinks. More information can be found here.
Richard Redman