Fun Day – Sept 23

Twelve Young People along with various parents and club members took to the water on Saturday for the annual Fun Day and BBQ and the last day for Saturdays for 2017.
The wind for once was behaving itself and we were able to run games on the water. Large balls, small balls, blow up animals, crocodiles, dolphins and a killer whale were thrown out to be collected by the boats. A lot of excellent sailing took place in catching these and a little swimming was involved!!. The next game had a variation. Everyone sailing was given a balloon. They had to collect all the balls etc and sail back with the balloons still blown up. I suspect a little cheating went on when Laurie and Eve arrived back with the blow up dolphin and crocodile deflated ( so it would stay in the boat)! Various plastic bags were spotted to collect the balls in.
I was not on the water but was told that one of the funniest moments was when Nathan capsized the Laser and all the balls fell out, disaster! It appears Nathan righted the Laser , collected all the balls up, threw them back in the boat and then climbed in, just as the young people were closing in like Exocet missiles to nick them all.
Dinghies put away we moved inside to build model boats. Charles just arrived just in time to judge the best boats. Eve created rather a strange boat shaped like Bourg Cube ( Star Trek for those in the know). It said on it use your imagination. It took a lot of imagination to turn it into a boat but who am I to question why. We then moved outside to launch the boats. Most floated, some upside down. I think the best design was from Nick who brought one he had made earlier. It had a glass bottom and it was still intact when we rescued the boats from the North bank on Sunday. If you would like your boat back they are on the table in the club house. Not sure what happened to Laurie and Marcus’s very elaborate catamaran. I think it has sunk because we could not find it.
Simon fired up the BBQ and everyone tucked in. There were various competitions in the club house; name my cats which Emma and Gaynor both got correct. The rather large duck which belongs to Sarah needed a name, Bill Holms won this competition naming the duck Daphne! Bethan, Katie’s sister, created a wonderful picture of a boat and we had to pin the lady on it. The one nearest the rudder won and the winner was Eve.
We then had prize giving. Marcus was the overall winner of all our races over the last 5 months adults and children together. The adult winner was Steve H. Fergus was the joint winner (with Marcus) of the Young People’s races. Well done to everyone who raced
I would just like to thank everyone that supported this Fun Day. It was an excellent day; the safety boat crews of Steve D, Nick, John and George; Simon for sourcing and cooking the food, and especially Karen who worked tirelessly behind the counter serving the food.
And a very large thank you to all the adults and parents who have assisted with the Young People’s Sailing throughout the Summer, especially Stuart for setting our courses. Without you all we could not function.
We start Young Peoples sailing again May 2018. Until then, Happy Sailing, Sue