Young People’s Saturday Sailing – Aug 3rd

With some of the sailors away on holiday, I thought we would have a quiet afternoon. Well, the wind was quiet and we had 8 boats out so we decided to do some work towards the RYA stages.  Hannah was practising her teaching skills and explained to everyone about ‘Man overboard’ and then we went out and practised the rescue drill. Just to reassure everyone, it’s not a real person but a large plastic container full of water attached to a buoyancy aid, much to the disgust of some of the Young People who wanted a real person to rescue!!. We had a nice surprise when Stuart and Ingrid arrived. Stuart is looking and walking a lot better since his operation and it was good to see them both. Then the wind dropped so we had a bit of fun. The object of the game was to catch the duck which we dumped at the other end of the pond.  You could catch it by fair means or foul. Some of the Young People opted to lie on the front of their boat and do a sort of front crawl. Paul didn’t need to lie on the boat, he just sat in the Mirror and off it went at great speed (How?? – Ed). I think Thomas got there first. Paddles were then given out to some of the Young People so they could get back to the jetty. We welcomed Fraser from Denholme Sailing Club/Reva for his first sail with us. Thanks to Steve and Emma for safety.  To those going on holiday, enjoy – others we hope to see next week.  By the way the duck is called Daphne – not Ducky or Quacky!
Sue Lamb

Young People’s Saturday Sailing – July 27

Another Saturday at Denholme but rather than the raging gale of last week, we had torrential rain (not good for my new hairstyle) and the usual light winds. We had 6 boats out; 2 adults and 4 young people.  We finally got Hannah in the Laser with Harry, Jessica, Helen and Marie in Toppers and Thomas in a Topaz. Emma practised driving the safety boat. We played follow my leader and then after a tea break, we had a very competitive pursuit race. I think Helen won this race. Having had all the hot weather last week the water was amazingly warm.  It was like being in a swimming bath. Most of the young people tested the water along with Marie who appeared to do a slow motion capsize. On that point, a message to all Halifax people who sail at Denholme. If you use a boat please can you make sure the rudder and centreboard are  securely tied to the boat before you launch. The water is quite deep at the end of the Jetty.  Steve H is going to do his best to retrieve the lost rudder. Many thanks as usual to Henry and John and all parents and grandparents (Barbara) for helping make Saturday Sailing such a success. See some of you next week. Happy Hols to those who are going away.
Sue Lamb

Windsurfing kit at Denholme

The windsurf training team have moved some of HxSC’s training windsurfers down to Denholme for anyone who doesn’t have their own kit to use. There are currently 4 boards and 1 (dismantled) rig at Denholme. More kit will be moved over in the near future. Anyone wishing to use the kit will have to assemble the rig beforehand and de-rig it afterwards. Those needing more information should contact Graham Norton.

HxSC @ Denholme – July 21

A miracle happened at Denholme Sailing Club during the second race of the day. Your correspondent, sailing a Laser Radial, managed an entire race without the dreaded Laser disease rearing its ugly head.
A relatively constant, for Denholme, F3 presented the sailors from Denholme and HxSC with an enjoyable 45 minute race. Brendan Briggs sailing the Radial and Bill Holms in a Hartley 10 completely misread the start allowing the two Lightning 368s and a Mirror to gain an early advantage. Your correspondent then needed the next 3 laps to catch up with the lead Lightning before managing to overtake it on the water. This moment of glory only lasted about 10 seconds when I heard “water” and had to relinquish the lead. Meanwhile, Bill, in the Hartley, was discovering that the wind shifts alot more than at Flyflatts. Being in the slowest boat on water, Bill was lapped a couple of times before the course was shortened. The Lightning finished just in front of the Laser who were both several minutes ahead of the competition.
Thanks again goes to Denholme Sailing Club for their warm welcome and the offer of biscuits from the biscuit tin.

Brendan (usually in a Contender) Briggs

Suspension of Sailing

The draining of water from our reservoir to allow for work by Yorkshire Water to its structure, has proceeded much quicker than anticipated during this year, the water level now being such that the committee have had no option other than to call a halt to this year’s sailing.

Members will have received an email from the membership secretary providing details as to how the committee has decided to act with regard to this decision.

It is worth noting here that, for those that want to continue sailing, we have arranged a group membership with Denholme Sailing Club.  Our Saturday youth sailing has already moved there and we have managed to run a couple of training courses as well.  Denholme have general sailing from 10.00 am on Sundays with racing in the afternoon.  If you wish to sail there they have a variety of boats they have made available for us to use, but there isn’t any berthing space to store our members’ boats.  You would have to transport your boat each time you go.

For those not wanting to sail and not wanting to leave their boats up at our club, we have arranged boat storage, which will be available very soon.  This is at Units 9/10 Beck Road, Huddersfield, HD1 5DG. It will be limited access and we will not be allowed to do any boat maintenance there.  Should you be interested in moving your boat there please let me know.

In order for members to keep in touch with each other, there will be a social evening from 8pm at the Crossroads Inn, Wainstalls every 2nd and 4th Wednesday in the month. 

We will provide updates on the website and through email covering any club news and progress of the works taking place at the reservoir. Thank you to everyone for their ongoing understanding and support during this period at the club.

New Training Windsurfers

The Club recently received grant funding of £4400 towards the cost of six new windsurfers from the Community Foundation for Calderdale. The equipment is needed to enable the Club to continue to teach windsurfing to new sailors and will replace older boards that are no longer fit for purpose.

Pictured below are some of our young trainees with the new boards, on and off the water.

Three New Graduates

Congratulations go to Steve Hill, Nathan Lucas and Nick Fenn,  seen here with Susan Haigh  at Green Withens reservoir, on completing the Power Boat Level 2 course, plus a surprise of Navigation which is now included in the course. Well done to all of them.

Season Opening Day

Members arrived at the club early on Sunday to take advantage of the early start to the season only to be greeted by a cold F5/6 wind. These were not suitable conditions to re-take to the water after the winter break, so members did some necessary boat bimbling and/or helped out with the club’s pre-season jobs.

The buoys are all in place, the safety boats are ready for action, the club has had several improvements made to it along with a spring clean. All ready then for next Sunday with a pursuit race starting at 11am. See you there.

New Jetty In Place

After many months of planning and a great deal of preliminary work, Monday 30th April saw the successful installation of our new floating jetty. Several club members were on hand to assist the team from Aqua-Dock to launch the pontoon and set the anchors.
The result is a very impressive structure that should serve the club for many years. The jetty was partly funded by a grant from the EON Community Fund which was administered by the Community Foundation For Calderdale.
There is still some work required to remove the remains of the old jetty but hopefully that will be completed shortly.